Healthy Campus?



What is GCU Healthy Campus?

GCU Healthy Campus is an exciting new initiative. Our goal is to create a campus environment where students, faculty, and staff choose healthy lifestyle behaviors that foster long, healthy lives.

Our vision is to cultivate a campus wide evidence based approach in supporting student development and learning. Student success is a shared value. Therefore, it is our vision to create a collaborative community culture that promotes healthy evidence based lifestyle choices and supports both physical and mental wellness so that each member is an active participant in their own care.

Our mission is to promote healthy evidence based lifestyle behaviors that will empower students, staff and faculty to become full participants in their own health and contributing members of society. It is aligned with Healthy People 2020 and the American College Health Association’s Healthy Campus 2020 Initiative.

Our goal is to:

  •  Create social and physical environments that promote evidence based healthy behaviors that enhance the quality of life, healthy devlopment and positive health behaviors.
  • Increase campus community awareness and understanding of determinants of health.
  •  Achieve health equity, eliminate disparities and improve the health of the entire community.
  • Support efforts to increase academic success, productivity, student retention and lifelong learning through an environment centered on wellness behaviors.
  • To assist in identifying current and ongoing nationwide health improvement practices in higher

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  1. Sydney Saget

    I had the pleasure of passing out red cups in order to spread awareness because of the upcoming flu season. I support GCU Healthy Campus, and hope everyone is paying attention to message behind the red cups. Such as being mindful of drinking behind others to prevent (The common cold, flu, mono, and herpes). GCU healthy campus is a fun way to empower students.

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