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Dec 09

Stress Less During Final Week of Classes!

  The GCU Stress Less Event has become an annual tradition. The offices of Student Affairs and Student Success get together to provide fun and stress free events before Finals Week kicks in. This provides opportunities to relax, unwind, refocus, and have fun before the grueling week of final exams. Stress is an important factor …

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Nov 18

How SWEET it is?

A “spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down” but are you aware that there’s plenty of sugar in a multitude of common grocery items even the ones that are supposed to be “healthy”. Why worry about sugar? Sugar is a carbohydrate. One teaspoon of sugar equals 4 grams and contains about 16 calories. So, …

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Oct 25

October is Disabilities Month

October is Disabilities Awareness Month By Luana Fahr October is Disabilities Awareness Month. Many people suffer from both visible and invisible disabilities. People are not defined by their disabilities, and it is, therefore, very important to be aware of placing the person before the disability in our thoughts and in our language ADA (American with …

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Sep 30

Smarty Party 9/14… GCU students learn smart ways to party

This past  September 14th Smarty Party was held in the Gavan Lounge. Students were treated to “Mocktails”  and asked to answer a few of the questions  posted on this blog.     Do you know the answers to these questions?         Students tried on “drunk goggles” to simulate alcohol intoxication. Do you …

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Sep 30

A Brain is a Terrible Thing to Waste

What  happens to your brain when you get drunk? When you drink alcohol, your brain cells communicate at a slower rate than normal. Yup, alcohol acts as a depressant. Alcohol also impairs the function of your limbic system, that part of the brain that controls your emotions. Your inhibitions may disappear making you become more …

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Sep 20

When the Health Center is closed… where do you go?

GCU Health Services is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy campus. We believe that it is important for students to develop personal responsibility for their health during their academic pursuits at GCU. Staying healthy will give you a competitive edge and help maximize your educational experience at GCU. Nobody likes getting sick. Whether you …

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May 16

Sexual Assault & Violence Awareness APRIL 2016

    CHECK OUT THE BULLETIN BOARD IN JEFFRIES HALL!                                                                WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT CONSENT?

May 13

Stress Buster Bazaar Spring 2016


Apr 22

Calling all night Owls

Making your sleep habits work for you. Sleeping much? at night or in lecture? if these questions make you yawn or weep, you’re in good (but tired) company. Many college students are night owls, prone to staying up late, then sleeping well into the morning or crashing during the day. Night owls come in different types. to find your sleep …

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Apr 15

Just for the Health of It!


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