Dec 13


Trio distributed 100 Finals Survival Bags to students.
Good luck on your finals!

Hot Cocoa with your choice of toppings! Whipped cream galore!

Mindful Mason Jars crafted artfully by students. Thank you TLC & ADSC

Pet therapy in progress.

Color your stress away!

Stress Less End of Semester Fair

Monday, December 11th

11am -3pm



There were many beautiful pet therapy dogs to help students de-stress from approaching exams. Thank you to the volunteers who brought their pet therapy dogs!!!

Students also learned about pet therapy, it’s use, and how a dog goes through training.

Students received free samples from Proctor & Gamble that included laundry detergent, old spice, laundry bags, body wash, and other supplies.

Need to unwind? Try hula hooping…a fun way to let go of the end of semester stress.

Kinetic Sand Play-a neat way to have fun, refocus, and sift your stress away….

Mind in a Bottle- Create your own swirling focal point!

Active Minds, a student organization, handed out stress balls and study tips. They actively engaged students to color to relieve stress.

Over 75 students took advantage of a FREE chair massage during the Stress Less fair.

Lovable & Huggable! Odie!

EOF counselor Gwen Bennet was ready to assist students in kinetic sand play.

Stress slime bags- a fun and different way of creating a stress ball

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