Sep 30

Smarty Party 9/14… GCU students learn smart ways to party


mt3mt2This past  September 14th Smarty Party was held in the Gavan Lounge.

Students were treated to “Mocktails”  and asked to answer a few of the questions  posted on this blog.



Do you know the answers to these questions?





Students tried on “drunk goggles” to simulate alcohol intoxication. Do you think they were able to walk a straight line? Or perform a simple task?

Think again…
















100 ” Drink safe” coasters were distributed students. The coasters allow students to test their drink for hidden drugs such as ecstasy, rohyphol, or GHB. These are a few of the drugs known as “date rape drugs”




1. Remember alcohol is the #1 date rape drug

2. Keep a clear head when socializing especially off campus and in bars by keeping track of your drinks

3. If you choose to drink- DO NOT DRINK more  than 1 drink per hour and have no more than 3 drinks per night

4. NEVER LEAVE your drink unattended or hand it to someone else. If you have not been watching your drink get a new one!

5. Communicate your plans with your friends. Maintain control of yourself at all times.

6.  Set your boundaries and make sure that they are clear

7. Trust your instincts. If a situation doesn’t feel right, walk away

8. Unless in a bar, make your own drinks. Remember a glass or a cup can have multiple drink equivalents

9. If you believe you are a victim of a date rape drug, you can be tested at a local hospital emergency room within 24 hours.







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