Sep 20

When the Health Center is closed… where do you go?

GCU Health Services is a crucial part of maintaining old-closed a healthy campus. We believe that it is important for students to develop personal responsibility for their health during their academic pursuits at GCU. Staying healthy will give you a competitive edge and help maximize your educational experience at GCU.

Nobody likes getting sick. Whether you are at home, on vacation, studying abroad or sitting in a classroom, getting sick definitely sucks. A stuffy nose, sore throat, ear ache, fever and/or chills, muscles aches, abdominal cramps and pain… whatever… they all block your ability to learn. How can you pay attention in class when yellow snot is literally running out of your nose or your head feels like 20 lbs. of dynamite  just exploded ? The fact is you can’t! It is understandable when illness happens to immediately seek help.  But what if Health Services is closed? What can you do and where can you go?

sickFirst, you need to determine if your illness is very serious or life threatening. If you or a loved one is experiencing a life threatening medical situation-CALL 911. Examples of life threatening emergencies are the following:

Chest Pain                    Head, neck or eye injuries

Difficulty breathing         Serious burns/electrical shock

Severe abdominal pain   Broken/dislocated bones

Sudden, severe headache or vision changes                     Uncontrolled bleeding/open wounds

High fevers, fevers with a rash or seizures                         Mental confusion, distress or thoughts of suicide

Sudden weakness on 1 side of the body, difficulty speaking, loss of balance

Suspicion of exposure to a communicable disease or virus

Walk-in Clinics and Urgent Care Centers are available to treat non-life threatening medical issues such as:

Fever without a rash                                                                Vomiting and Diarrhea

Sore throat, colds, coughs and the Flu                                  Minor cuts that may need stitches

Painful urination                                                                      Muscle aches and sprains


walk-in-cliicDon’t forget to bring your insurance card and ID, a list of the medications both prescription and over the counter, your medical history and list of allergies – food, environmental, and drug allergies. Always check with your health insurance carrier regarding your health insurance benefits and coverage in New Jersey, any co-pays that you may have to pay, and if you need a referral to see a physician or specialist out of your network of providers. Medical costs incurred outside of Health Services is your responsibility.


Always follow-up with Health Services.

Below is a list of Emergency Rooms, Walk-In Clinics, and Federally Funded Health Clinics and pharmacies close to GCU.

Local Hospitals                                                                                     Local Walk-In Clinics

Monmouth Medical  Center Southern Campus               Reliant Medical            

600 River Avenue                                                                Route 9 North & Aldrich Road

Lakewood, NJ 732-363-1900                                               Howell, NJ 732-905-5255

Ocean Medical Center                                                       Immediate Medical Care

425 Jack Martin Blvd.                                                           2290 West County Line Road

Brick, NJ 732-840-2200                                                       Jackson, NJ 732-370-4222

Community Medical Center                                              Ocean Health Initiatives

Hwy 37 West                                                                        101 Second Street

Toms River, NJ 732-240-8000                                            Lakewood, NJ 732-363-6655


Rite Aid-159 East Kennedy Blvd, Lakewood, NJ 732-363-0880

Walgreens-5159 US 9 North, Howell, NJ 732-901-2085

Carel Pharmacy– 6 Brook Plaza, Jackson, NJ 732-364-4040

CVS Minute Clinic- 890 Bennetts Mills Road, Jackson, NJ 732-367-7530


Questions???? Please contact Health Services @ 732-987-2756





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