Mar 18

YOU are What You EAT!

thCAB0TN8DAsk yourself, “Are you making the right choices?”

Life is full of choices. In a given day it is said that the average human being makes about 3,000 decisions. From simple to complex, making decisions are a daily part of life. So why is it so difficult to make decisions and stick to those decisions when it comes to eating. Deciding what to eat can become very confusing. Daily, we are bombarded by health claims only to learn 6 months later that they were unsubstaniated.  What is a person to do!

March is National Nutrition Month. It’s the month when Spring begins and everyone is eager to shed their heavy, wool clothes for lighter, brighter attire. As we peel away the heavy layers of winter, we become more body conscious. Those broken New Year’s resolutions are just that …broken. It’s a time to focus on healthy food choices!

Nutrition is basically the study of how our body uses the food that we eat to maintain optimun health. There is always confusion between appetite and hunger. Hunger is our need for food and appetite is our desire for food.  It is appetite that causes us to eat beyond hunger. When you are hungry, you’ll eat one bowl of chili, one hamburger, or even 1 brownie. After that, your appetite may lead you to eat another hamburger, another bowl of chili or brownie just because it smells good, looks good or tastes good.

                        FOOD FOR THOUGHT!1304_Salad_5

Do you practice mindful or mindless eating? Healthy eating is about the foods we eat but it is also about how you eat.. Mindful eating is something anyone can do to bring their focus back to healthy eating. Mindful eating:

  • allows our brains to register fullness (takes 20 mins)
  • helps us to differentiate between hunger and appetite
  • helps reduce over eating

Research shows when we eat slowly and mindfully individuals tend to eat less food and pick healthy choices.


Ask yourself…Is this hunger or a craving?

Choose satisfying healthy foods.

Center yourself…

Take a few breaths..Savor the food and aroma…Eat without distraction…Enjoy your food…

Take a moment … count to 10…Are you satisfied?

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  1. Janet

    This is a great time to eat healthier foods. Now that spring is finally here, I will be working on ideas for my garden. There’s nothing like your own garden or planters full of fresh fruits and vegetables .

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