Nov 15

Passport to Wellness-Healthy Campus Kick-Off

passporttowellness     The Healthy Campus Kick-Off Event was a great opportunity to participate in interactive activities that highlighted healthy lifestyles and behaviors. A “Passport to Wellness” was given to each participant. They were then able to complete their passports with stickers by visiting different poster displays or participating in various activities. Poster presentations included information on medication safety, stress (loved making those stress balls), journaling, heart disease, sleep, sensory impairment,stroke, heart attach, exercise, breast cancer, commuter safety, security and many more. Interactive Jeopardy, The Game of Life, Mandala drawings and Lions on the Prowl ( GCU walking maps & pedometers), the Labyrinth Walk, Energy Healing, Sound Healing are only a few of the activities that were available. Throughout the day, various artists demonstrated exercises, dance movement, Donna Eden Energy Healing, Chair Yoga and Qigong. The authour Susan Korwin spoke about making simple strides toward positive change. Participants who completed their passports were entered into a drawing to win $100 gift card. Thank you for all who made this event a success!

participationhealthyeatingIMPROV DANCEsensoryimpairmentphoto QICHONGphotoGAME OF LIFE

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  1. Malana

    I was so excited for this event because I really needed to know a few things about my health! Also it got campus students involved. The event was fun, and refreshing! It was a success.

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